This campaign page will be dedicated to building a scenario generation system to apply a narrative form to our Infinity wargames. The system will be devised using material from other previously developed scenario generation systems and formats, and adapting those into a system for our use.

The project motivation of this adaptation of systems is the desire to generate scenario style games without the need for formal narrative scenario development (background/fore-shadowing, etc…). The aim is to be able to play development scenarios that can then be “fitted” to story arcs when completed, of-which would be difficult to do prior due to time constraints and other commitments of the players.

Advantages to this system will be that players can simply choose various options of objectives to bring to the wargaming table and as the battle plays out the story narrative should become apparent. Choose your objectives, build you army list, play, and apply narrative.

This system requires players to begin a campaign with a selected army faction, randomly select tactical situations, which then gives a range of objective options given to those situations’ possible challenges and as to whether or not the player is the protagonist or antagonist in that particular situation. Players will take several objectives for each game, primary and secondary, hidden and revealed: the variety of which should offer its own surprises to our regular games. Hopefully players will be prepared to think laterally, and see these options as adding multiple layers of complexity to what is in essence is a simple game.

The scenario objectives will be designed to create games that should be playable to a conclusion within an allocated predetermine time frame, pre arranged by the players.

Hell on Paradiso

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